Daniel Knoop was born 1988 in Berlin and made his first experience with sounds while playing with rocks of the Berlin wall behind his family house.
He does not come from a household of musicians and although music did not play a big role at home, in his early childhood he was fascinated by recordings of Ludwig van Beethoven and Fats Domino.
After the first guitar lessons with Frank Riedel it was clear that this will be his individual path. At first he played in some Blues/Rock-Bands but then focused mainly on classical guitar. 2004 he won the first prize of the german youth competition "Jugend musiziert" in Berlin with that instrument. Later he participated in several masterclasses in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy with Stefano Grondona, Maurizio Grandinetti, Jukka Savijoki and Joachim Held. After starting his studies of music in Münster he switched to Hannover where he finished his Master of Music 2017 at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien with the 2 times "Echo" prize winner Frank Bungarten with summa cum laude. He played in different chamber music ensembles with violin, flute, cello and guitar.
His repertory includes among others baroque lute music, spanish impressionism and south american folk music.